Company Introduction

'Client Focused Reliable Company
that Upholds the Tradition of Goryeo Ginseng!’

Sung Shin B.S.T. Co., Ltd. is located in Geumsan Chungcheongnam-do, the Korean Ginseng production area. With its hygienic production facility and environment, the company devotes itself to develop material and product made with main materials of ginseng and red ginseng.

The company does its best to produce scientific and reliable product of the best quality through many certifications including GAP (Good Agricultural Practices), GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice: good health functional food manufacturing standard), ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004, Global HACCP, INNO-BIZ, Venture Entrepreneurship, Clean Workplace, etc. by its strict quality management and sanitation management.

We deeply appreciate customers for having loved and cherished Sung Shin B.S.T. Co., Ltd. We promise to make the company to consider trust with customer as the top priority, to advance into the world as a top-notch company and to become a company which protects people’s health.

Thank you.

Sung Shin B.S.T. Co., Ltd. CEO Chun, Cheong-Woon